A Web3 Chatting Network


Protico is a Web3 Chatting Network. By combining chats and social assets with wallets, we are building a universal chatting interface that breaks the boundaries across Apps and makes everyone be able to chat with each other in and across any app with their Web IDs and assets.


Web2 Chats means endless new messaging apps and accounts with boundaries between each other.


Communication in Web3

Web3 is all about communication. As a projection of the real world, we are not seeing any infrastructure yet for building smooth communication between web3 entities (DApps, Ethereum accounts, Wallets...etc).


Building a decentralized chatting infrastructure for each entity to easily connect and communicate with each other.

With Protico, everyone will need only one account which is recognized by and connected with the crypto wallets, to chat with everyone in every App.

For users like you and me, using Protico means you own all of the chat records and social connections as the tokens in your wallet, and you can use all of them in and across every App.

Entity identification

Protico uses Ceramic to build decentralized identity (DID) and manage all sorts of entity related data, such as:

By joining Ceramic Network, we can leverage their lively ecosystem to make our infrastructure easy to adapt to other quick-growing projects.